Yearning For God

To Yearn: (GR) To Long For, Desire                         (H)    Failing with Desire

To Pursue with Love, To Long After                 Longing, Longing For

To Lust, Harbour Forbidden Desire

To yearn for God is such an important part of being a Christian. But until we understand what it really means and looks like it won’t be an important part of our relationship with our Savior.

That being said, we can see above what to yearn means, but the question is how can I yearn for God presents itself? And more specifically what does that look like?

It comes as no surprise that one can’t yearn for something they’ve never experienced. That would be like a baby yearning for a steak, when they’ve never been able to experience it. To yearn for God’s presence, you have to have experienced it and spent time in it. This can be done through simply being still…which can be harder that it sounds. For me this can happen by being alone in a quiet place, by reading Scripture and meditating/praying about it, or even sitting with a friend and talking about the things of God over coffee. This past weekend I did just that. At a youth conference, instead of going to an endless amount of classes I spend some invaluable time with a fellow God lover and youth ministry volunteer from the church I was attending. This time was unmistakably orchestrated by God to encourage and build each other up in many different ways. We were both extremely blessed by the opportunity to spend time in fellowship in the midst of God’s presence. The entire weekend ended up being the same way. Instead of going to classes to learn about God, we went and got coffee and even meals while experiencing God. While many people spent all day in classes trying to learn about God, my friend and I weren’t just learning about God, but we experienced Him. I find myself yearning for that time again. Though I realize that we can’t always have what we want, but it makes me actively seek the next moment that I get to sit in the presence of my Lord completely open to His nudging.




Tomorrow starts the 40 days preceding Palm Sunday with Ash Wednesday. During these 40 days Christians observe fasting, prayer, reflection, spiritual discipline, and moderation (or giving up) of something. Following this is the Holy Week, the week of Easter, which is marked by continual fasting by some followers.

What I’m attempting to do this Lent season is fast once a week (with an emphasis on prayer during that day) and give up all beverages except water. In this I hope to also spend a lot more time in study of the Scriptures, and reflecting/blogging/writing in my prayer journal. I urge anyone who desires to grow closer to God to spend serious time with God in these coming weeks. You’ll never grow if you aren’t intentional about it.

Take time to remember the importance of this time of year and reflect on it’s implications for your life, and even what it means for everyone around the world.