Lost In The Wilderness

As of lately I have become immensely fascinated by maps and wilderness navigation. There is something about looking at an image and using it to move throughout canyons and mountains that brings out a sense of adventure in everyone. Something else about maps is intriguing to me though, the ability to see where you have been and look into the “future” to where you are going. This ability to see into the future allows us to prepare and come up with a plan of attack and that is what I love…planning and being prepared.


Needless to say I easily become frustrated when I cannot plan, or my plans fail. And this is exactly when God knows He has me where He wants me; when my plans fail and there is no back-up plan. It’s funny how we can plan and plan but are never prepared for when our plans fail. And how crazy is it that the part of the plan that fails most often is the exact part of the plan that is seen as the strongest and least likely to fail; except for divine interference from God.

Currently I wish I had a map that would show me what God has in store so I could be at ease, but also so I could prepare for the next obstacle, but what would that do to strengthen my faith? Nothing and that’s why God will never give us a map to follow.

Though I am struggling to continue on this path in good faith, I am confident that God has something in store and that He provides for all of our needs and will place us where He wants us for the moment.

Lord, use me where you see fit and where I will grow the most for your glory. Use me, move me, challenge me, and call me for your purposes wherever that may lead. I am yours…completely.


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