Relying on God




Part of being in ministry is listening to God….all the time. So when you decide to explore a life option and God steps in and says not to do it, you should listen.

In June I decided that I couldn’t afford to go back to school, start a family without first paying off some school debt. So I applied for a full time job in a factory. To my relief they didn’t call….until 3 weeks ago.

The call happened, the interview happened, the orientation happened, and then the first day of work happened. Everything was going good until the 3rd day of work, and that’s when God happened…

I was spending some quiet time with Him and He said that I wasn’t where I needed to be, and how if I’m doing what I thought was right to provide for myself I wasn’t fully relying on Him. It was also that time that I was told that I needed to go back to school and let God deal with the worry about the debt. The verses about storing up treasures on Earth instead of Heaven poured through my mind.

Early the next week I was again prompted to spend time with God. This time it was so He could reiterate what He said the previous week about me attempting to provide a steady future on my own and how that wouldn’t glorify Him. But there was a new message as well, the message that if I know what God says and know what He is calling me to do but I don’t do it immediately, it’s disobeying God and is seen as a sin. That hit me hard. How could I claim to be a Christian and a Pastor, yet blatantly disobey God in order to make myself and my family happy? I couldn’t… I did the one thing that I didn’t want to do. I put the money, and the happy family behind me and bowed down before the King of Kings, and The Provider of my needs in humble obedience.

I’m reminded about the first disciples and how Jesus called them to Him. They heard God speak, dropped what was in their hands, and instantly left all family, money, and security to follow the One Who Brings Life.


My prayer is that more people in todays world recognize the calling of God in their life. I pray that as we hear God we aren’t afraid to drop everything and focus solely on Him. He alone can, and will, provide for all of our needs if we choose to fully rely on Him.


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